Who do you trust when you can't trust family? Three months after marrying Paul, a self-appointed entrepreneur, Karen no longer trusts her husband. And whenever she reflects on their relationship, she realises she knows nothing of his past, and there is a darkness in him that scares her. And, apart from her dying mother, who can she trust? Her wealthy father, who has fallen out with Paul over money? Or her twin sister Vanessa, who slept with her fiance and it's been over five years with rarely a word spoken between them? And if that weren't enough, it comes to light that the twins' father had been sleeping with 
another woman half his age while their mother lay dying. As family tension continue to rise, Paul's dark nature emerges from the shadows with fatal consequences. Chock full of scandal, shocks and confrontations, Walking Shadows is a thrilling take on a modern drama.
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The Franz Anton Mesmer Show is a two act play published by Beercott Books, and is available on Amazon. It is also available for production.
Here is an actor's view of the play:
'David Barry takes us into a rehearsal room where a late run through of a play concerning the life of Franz Mesmer is about to begin. As the fascinating story of Mesmer's life unfolds, moving between the Imperial Court of Vienna and Revolutionary Paris, the frequently strained and often combustible relations between the cast begin to unravel and the interplay between epic narrative and thespian skirmishing proves truly mesmerising.'
Hugh Fraser, actor & crime writer (Captain Hastings in TV's Poirot)
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Tales from Soho, eleven entertaining stories from London’s famous square mile.Known as a red-light district, with a reputation for sleaze and crime, Soho is also a diverse district, a bohemian area which has been an adult playground for hundreds of years. In these stories you will meet many motley characters over the decades. In The Poet in Soho a famous Welsh writer goes on a Soho pub odyssey: and in The Spieler a young actor takes a huge risk when he works in an illegal gambling den; as does one of Soho’s duckers-and-divers in Ronnie’s Manor. From pimp and prostitute to a rock ‘n’ roll band at a Carnaby Street.seance.
The collection also contains a brief 
history of the district and pubs.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Amazon paperback click here  or
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Weston and Turner, novice private detectives, are plunged into a nightmare world of murder when they are hired by a young millionairess to solve the triple murder of her family, a crime the police failed to solve more than eleven years ago. They soon discover a hired assassin is always one step ahead of them and will do anything to stop them learning the terrible truth behind the crime. Then, when he discovers the hired gunman's boss is the mysterious Eclipse, his investigations take him on a mad dash to Poland, and he becomes involved in a race against time to prevent another murder, one for which he is willing to risk everything, even his own life.
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An Inspector Lambert Mystery
A drunken old farmer is murdered and Swansea police detective Harry Lambert is unable to discover a motive for what looks like the work of a professional killer. But before long the hunter becomes the hunted as an ex-SAS soldier escapes to remote, rural west Wales, pursued by DI Lambert. The trail is strewn with all manner of intriguing debris: terrorism; Celtic mysticism; and tortured relationships. Each man struggling to shrug off the complexities of the past. Each man having to surrender the present. Each man, in his own way, killing.
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Why has life suddenly become so complicated for affable Freddie Weston? He supplies bouncers to London clubs and always puts his family first. But his daughter's involvement with a rock guitarist ignites an anger in him that could endanger the family home, and his life becomes more complex as he seeks retribution for his father, whose death was caused by an East End gangster. Determined to get at the truth, Freddie dives deep into London's dark and dangerous gang world. But will the awful truth mean closure after all these years or will it torment him for the rest of his life.

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 Mike, an itinerant hairdresser living in Tunbridge Wells, learns all the gossip of the town. He cuts the hair of holy hypocrite Nigel, who is seeking a new relationship, but disapproves of his new lover's daughters. And as Mike cuts deeper and deeper into this superficially respectable town, he soon learns it is a hotbed of vice, intrigue and gossip, and even his own family,
he realises, is not so very secure. By the end of a tempestuous year, many of his customers will become involved in revenge, rape, murder and suicide.
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The sequel to Careless Talk, in which Dave Whitby's new relationship turns sour as Mary's ex husband begins terrorising and stalking her, and Mike's hair cutting is compromised by his drinking and his marriage goes belly-up. All his customers' relationships go from bad to worse, but henpecked Ted, the railway guard finds a new life that has always been denied to him.

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FLASHBACK - An Actor's Life
'Imagine yourself travelling - as a member of the company - with a train-load of top stars to the great cities of Europe.' Daily Express
David Barry’s autobiography spans almost five decades of theatre, film and television experience. As a 14 year old he toured Europe with Sir Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh, in one of the most prestigious post-war theatre tours. Vivien Leigh took a shine to him and he saw both sides of her complex character first hand. One minute she was sweetness and light, and the next she became a screaming harridan as she publicly berated Sir Laurence.
In his early twenties, he starred as Frankie Abbott in Please, Sir! and Fenn Street Gang, and those days are recounted with great humour. Hilarious events unfold as he describes working with dodgy producers and argumentative actors. His is a story that covers everything from the pitfalls of working in live television to performing with hard drinking actors. (See below for details of Flashback as an audio book)
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Flashback is also available as an audio book, read by the author and published by Oak Tree Press.

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New York City in the Prohibition era, and Bill Sutton's wife thinks he earns an honest crust as a rent collector. Instead, he leads an extraordinary double-life as 'Willie the Actor', a notorious bank robber.
Based on a true story, the novel's protagonist is a gentle gunman, who never once fires a shot. But it was believed he was jinxed, and almost everyone he works with come to a violent end.
Published by Andrews UK and available in paperback and e-book.
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When they visit their Uncle Vince, little do Bridget and her younger brother Robert know that today will be a day like no other as they join him in hair-raising escapades, travelling across infinite space and thousands of years, accompanied by Leonardo, their uncle's Irish wolfhound, the coolest dog in the universe! During this adventure of a lifetime, they soon discover how dangerous life can be in other centuries, and when they become separated from their time machine, the time travellers wonder if they will ever find their way back to the 21st Century and home.
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For a copy of an edition limited to only 13 copies of the FRANKULA poster, signed and bound with the short story, go to the Signed Books & Contact page. The short story will be included in the horror anthology The Great Lucifer and Other Horror Stories, due for publication in 2019


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